Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What!? It's only Tuesday!

I don't really have much to say today but I thought it's been a while since I posted. This week got off to a pretty frustrating start. My husband usually leaves for work around 6:30 every morning and Monday I got a call at about 7am from him. This is unusual for him so I knew something was wrong. Turns out his car wouldn't start after he stopped at the post office. So we're currently running on one car until we figure out whats going on with his car. Not the best situation but we will survive it.

I'm looking forward to a phone call about a job. Hopefully I will hear something tomorrow. I've been struggling a lot lately with my career choices.

I went to work for the Department of Health after graduating from college. I was there just over two years before I decided that the job really was not for me. I left to pursue a career in teaching. During college I studied biology. I love the sciences ( well maybe not chemistry so much) but there is really not a ton of jobs out there for people with a BS in biology. It's great if you decide to go on and pursue a graduate degree or go to a pre-professional school. Arkansas has a non-traditional teacher licensing program for people who have received a degree but wish to gain their teaching certification. I've been working to meet all the requirements to apply for this program. I would be able to be licensed to teach 7-12 grade Life Sciences.

After working as a substitute teacher and looking into the different teacher licensing programs in Arkansas, I'm starting to think that maybe the secondary level isn't for me. See this is the struggle part. I'm excited about the idea of being a teacher. I'm just not sure what grade level will be best for me.

Anyway, the job I've applied for is an instructional assistant position at an elementary school in a nearby district. I will assisting the literacy teacher. I think this position will be excellent for me. I got a really good feeling about the position after meeting the principal and the teacher. Hopefully they had a good feeling about me as well.

Other than the car not working and waiting to hear back about the job, there's not been a lot going on around here. I hope everyone else's weeks are going well.

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