Monday, November 9, 2009

Catching up with friends and my crazy husband

These are two of my very best friends. They were two of my sorotity sisters, two of my bridesmaids and they were my college roommates for two of the best years of my college experience. Most of my favorite college memories includes these two ladies. There's no telling what we were discussing in the above picture.

I'm so excited because tonight we finally did a 3-way phone call. Why we hadn't thought of this before is beyond me. It was great getting to visit with them together. I've missed them so much. After college we all went our separate ways. We try to keep in touch the best we can. I know I could be much better at it. I've missed them dearly. We are separated by several thousands of miles and I wish that we were closer so we could see one another more often. I think its amazing how even though we don't speak as often as we would like and we don't see each other as often as we would like, when we finally get the chance to pick up the phone and call one another it's like we were right there in our college apartment again. I guess that just how a great friendship is supposed to work. Here's a few photos of us together.

They are truly amazing women and I know that I'm a better person for having friends like these ladies.

I can't mention these two without mentioning my other two bridesmaids. I love these ladies just the same and miss them as well.

In addition to sharing about catching up with great friends I wanted to post about my crazy husband. Rather than do two posts tonight I decided to lump them together. I'm calling this secion the Many Faces of My Crazy Husband. He's so cute and silly.

This is him. Isn't he a cutie. I don't know why he was smiling like this but it kind of makes him look like a chipmunk. I was bored when we were sitting at home and the camera was just sitting there so I decided to take a few pictures of him.

Of course he started making funny faces immediately. This one is a tad bit out of focus because I was laughing.

He's crazy, I know.

I'm pretty fond of him though. Sillyness and all.

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