Saturday, May 16, 2009

Getting ready to camp with the boy scouts!

My husband is scoutmaster for his old Boy Scout troop. This is him with one of wreaths from a fundraiser they did on his head. He took over about 3 months ago. When he came to me to tell me that he committee had asked him to take over as scoutmaster I knew there would be no way I would tell him no. He loves working with the scouts. It's right up his alley. It's probably because he's not that much older than the boys so he feels right at home acting silly with them. It's pretty entertaining to watch him with the boys.

Tonight we are taking the boys to Scout Night with the Naturals. The Naturals are our local minor league club team. This is their second year here in Northwest Arkansas. Twice a year they hold a scout night and invite all the local scouts (girls and boys) to come camp out in the infield after the game. Other than the weather being less than desirable, I'm really looking forward to it. We will watch the game then head out to the field and set up camp. They provide dinner and a movie. Check back for pictures.

Working with the scouts is definitely something I never thought I'd be doing. When Daniel got involved again with his old troop, I didn't have any desire to get involved. I had always thought it was just something for the guys. He asked me to go on a camp out with them one weekend and I agreed. It was really a lot of fun. They camp like I've never camped before. It was amazing. Then he took over as scoutmaster. I realized then and there that if I ever wanted to spend weekends with him I was going to have to get involved with the troop. It's been a great experience for both of us. The boys in Troop 107 are great. The troop is still in a transition period and it's growing rapidly so the meetings are a little disorganized. They have improved significantly though. I have high hopes for them. It's really been a learning experience for everyone. If you are looking for an organization to become involved in I highly recommend a scout troop whether its boy scouts, cub scouts, or girl scouts.

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