Saturday, August 29, 2009

Furniture Arrangement Troubles

Daniel and I decided to rearrange the furniture in both our living room and bedroom this weekend. We started with the living room. We don't have a lot of options on how we can arrange the furniture with the way our living room is set up. We have a gas fireplace in the corner and while it has a cubby for our television above the fireplace, we don't use it. We prefer to use a tv stand. This complicates things though because we only have one cable outlet on the walls. The other cable outlet is up in the cubby.

Here's a picture of the fireplace.

I purchased a large mirror to cover the space above the fireplace. I enjoy this better than having the tv up there. This allows me to be able to fully decorate the mantle. Like I've said before I decorate to the seasons. I finally broke down and decorated for fall a little earlier than usual. I'm not quite satisfied with the way the mantle is decorated now but I'm waiting for the fall decorating items to go on sale at Hobby Lobby. There are several things I just absolutely love there.

Anyway, back to my furniture story. So we decided to move the furniture around. The fireplace in the position it is makes this difficult as well as the fact that we only have one cable outlet. That really limits us on where we can place the TV stand. In addition to this we have a sectional sofa that takes up quite a bit of space. I really liked this sofa when we purchased it but now I'm wishing we had just went with a sofa and a couple of chairs. Daniel had a recliner he got from his parents and we have that in the living room as well.

This is the way we have it arranged currently. This is the new way. It was turned so the sofa faced the window and the recliner sit next to the window. Now its basically opposite. I'm not sure about this arrangement, but Daniel likes it. It will take some time getting used to. We aren't quite finished moving things around but for today I think we have had a enough.

I really love our house but when we decide that we will need to move into a larger home, I definitely will have a list of things that I want to be different.

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