Monday, July 20, 2009

Gym fees not in the budget? Try this...

While gym fees may only be $20 or $30 a month, it is definitely not in my budget right now. Plus I hate that ones you sign a contract it basically takes an act of God to get out of the contract. Not really something I want to deal with.

So what did I do instead?

I got a membership to the local youth center. It only cost me $12 for a membership that is good until the end of the year. They have all the same equipment I would use at any of the big gyms for a fraction of the price. My sister-in-law had a membership for this particular center and told me about it. We decided that we needed to start working out together because we are both the type of people that does better when we go with someone. Its been great. We've only gone a couple of times but I've really enjoyed it.

So if you are looking for a gym and can't afford the membership fees, look into the local youth centers.

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