Friday, July 10, 2009

Photo edits for Constructive Criticism

This friday I "heart" faces is hosting a constructive criticism McLinky to help out all those beginner photo editors out there. This is my first time to post to this but I think that this is a great idea. I'm a beginner and really have no idea what I'm doing when it come to photo editing. I'm definitely self-taught and would love any constructive criticism you would like to offer.

I took this photo of my cousins son earlier this year. It was something I just clicked really quick while he was sitting down. I used the auto setting on my camera. I use a Canon Rebel SXi. I'm still learning out to use the equipment as well. But I really love this camera. So here's the original.

This is the edit. I cleaned up some of the dirt on his face and made the background a little blurred to give a softer look using the Gaussian blur filter. I also used the unsharpen mask on the eyes.

I used PS CS4 to make the edits. I like this photo but I think it could be so much better. Any ideas you have to take it the next level would be appreciated. Thanks for visiting and for your comments.


  1. Hey! What a cutie! I think the edits you did made a huge difference!
    I have a Canon rebel too. I have slowly been learning all I can about photography and am starting to try and get a few clients other than family LOL
    One tip for you is to just forget about your auto setting. I leave mine at AV all the time. If you push the rotating dial (on the top) to the left, it will make your backgrounds blurry so you don't have to edit it in photoshop. You subject will need to be a little ways away from the background though.

    I think you need to crop his face and lose some of the background. It's so busy it takes away from his cute little face :)

  2. I think its great! The only thing I would do is crop it a bit , and lose some of the background! Bring your eyes right to his cute face!!! GREAT JOB

  3. I think it's awesome that you are jumping right into the Constructive Feedback feature as a beginner...what a great way for you to learn more about how to improve your photography! :)

    I worked on your photo a bit and was able to smooth the skin tone of his face a bit and brighten his face and the eyes but the main problem with this photo would be the distracting background. Even if I cropped the photo really close a lot of the distractions on the background seemed to take over the photo.

    I would definite do as someone suggested above and start learning how to work in the AV mode of your camera. When you change the aperture settings you will see how different settings will just naturally blur the background of the photo for you. I have taken tons of photos that should have a super-ugly background behind them, but the natural blur I was able to achieve from my camera just got rid of it for me. :)

    Another thing would be to get much, much closet to your subject while taking the photo. Focus in on what's important, his beautiful little face. The background behind him is irrelevant and doesn't even need to be showing a bit.

    I hope this helped a bit!

    co-founder of iHeartFaces