Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday vacation idea

Since Daniel and I were unable to plan a big vacation this summer, we have decided to try to fit it in the budget to go away for our birthdays. He was born the day before me at the same hospital. Actually, the same doctor delivered us. His mother says that we were destined to end up together. I agree.

Anyway, I've started looking into packages and vacation ideas that we could do together. He really enjoys the outdoors and I enjoy camping and hiking as well. I, however, require a few more luxury items when I camp. For instance, a flushing toilet. I know, I know... not really true camping. Sorry it's the best I can do. I think I've come up with the perfect trip for us. I was looking into the Disney resorts and the rates for lodging and tickets to the parks. Well, turns out they have a campground resort. Perfect.

In addition to wanting something perfect for both of us, we need something that won't break the bank. This is why this Disney World idea is even more perfect. This year they are offering a birthday promotion where you get free admission to one of the parks on your birthday. Since Daniel's birthday is the day before mine we can get two days admission for the price of one. And if we camp at the campground resort we can stay at one of the Disney Resorts for around $50 a night. The campground has all the amenities of a hotel with the exception of having to sleep in a tent or camper. I'm perfectly fine with camping as long as there are bathrooms and in this case showers. There's also a restaurant in the campground and entertainment. Plus we would be able to take the shuttle to any of the theme parks at no extra cost.

I'm thinking that this is going to be a perfect trip.

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